19 Aug 2017

Paris, Avignon, Provence Sabbatical

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European Sabbatical!

I have been very busy during the last two months and have been unable to keep up the blogging news. So much has been happening.

We photographed several weddings in June & a range of high quality portrait sittings. See our new work at www.KidsofMelbourne.net.au

Our wedding site (www.melbourmephotography.com.au) is in process with a new look coming out soon.

We went to Europe for our sabbitical for July for 4 weeks. Very exciting. Lots of art history and photo exploration for me. We visited Paris and photographed a project there.

Then down to Avignon (southern France) and the avant garde festival there. It is an amazing walled city and the festival is just hyper. They have the main official festival (the On Festival) and then the fringe that is huge (the Off Festival). I concentrated on the vibrant streetscapes.
Then thru Provence with its earthy teracotta villages interspersed thru the lavender and rolling vineyards. The very cute shop fronts & lanes were special.

The third project and the main project was the Cinque Terre area in italy. Its a wonderful and preserved collection of coastal villages, not wrecked by new resort development. I am still working thru the images. I will get a sample in my next posting.

Very exciting trip and inspiring. Visiting several studios in Europe was reinforcing for how well we are doing it at our studio.

I have two exhibitions coming up this year and early next. Keep well.

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