October 2011: Solo exhibition – Textures of Italy at the International Foto Biennale 2011 Fringe Festival Ballarat.

We are very excited by being chosen as a finalist for The Fringe Prize.  We were one of 16 finalists.  John’s Textures of Italy was from his Cinque Terre project. They were presented in his solo exhibition at The Alexandria (circa 1890′s) venue. The Cinque Terre coastal villages have retained their charm and are very special. The exhibition was one of the more popular with over a 1000 people going through over the 4 weeks of the festival.


August 1st, 2011:  A Feeling of France 2012 Calendar is launched with French Provincial magazine!

We are very glad to announce the launch of John’s 2012 French calendar in association with French Provincial magazine.  This magazine has an Australia wide distribution and is dedicated to all things French.  Existing and new subscribers are being offered this as a special offer.

The layout follows the same clear and elegant layout of John’s French 2011 calendar.  This was a limited edition run and was sold out.

The 2012 calendar is only available thru: mail order, clicking the button below or by contacting us on 03 9646 2080.

The RRP is $39.95

Similar to last year this is a limited edition and it was over subscribed last year. Over the phone we accept Visa & Mastercard.

All 2012 calendars orders are shipped in one mailout in November for your gift giving in December.

This calendar has all new images from the solo exhibition at Eastcliffe house in Sorrento in January 2011.


John’s French Photography Exhibition

We have been very fortunate to have presented our Feeling of France Exhibition in 4 solo exhibitions. One at successful Ballarat Biennale Fringe Festival 2009 and another at Eastcliff Cottage in Sorrento. The images are from our sabbatical in France.

John travelled to France and Italy for the month of July 2009 to photograph for several projects. The French exhibition gives some beautiful highlights of his trip to Paris, the Avignon (Drama) Festival and The Provence area.

“This is not a travelogue. These images are mostly urban landscapes and it’s really the story behind and outside the images that interests me most. The social context & ‘the buzz’ of being there. The hint of the excitement and feeling of the people living behind these textured entrances, in the laneways and around the festival.” John Lamb Aug 09.